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MILAN 2022 2016
  • MILAN 2024 is the 12th edition of Multilateral Naval Exercise scheduled from 19-27 Feb 24 at/off Visakhapatnam, ‘the City of Destiny’, under the aegis of Eastern Naval Command.

  • The central aim of MILAN 2024 is to enhance professional interaction between friendly navies and gain experience in multilateral large force operations at sea.

  • The Harbour Phase of MILAN 2024 is from 19 - 23 Feb 2024 and provides a platform for participating navies to discuss Maritime subjects of common interest and share solutions. The Harbour Phase will also have Table Top Exercise,Interactions of Young Officers , Outstation Cultural visits and International International City Parade. The professional interactions and conferences planned during this phase shall build the operational tempo for the Sea Phase planned from 24-27 Feb 2024.

  • Indian Navy ships, aircraft and submarines led by Indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant and 20-25 Foreign Naval Units will participate in large force manoeuvres advanced air defence operations, Anti Submarine warfare, Anti Surface warfare operation and War at Sea.

  • The Sea Phase would be conducted from 24- 27 Feb 24. This phase is aimed towards building upon the experience of multilateral forces operating together at sea.

  • MILAN, from a regional event, has metamorphosed into a prestigious maritime exercise with participation by about 58 friendly foreign countries across continents in MILAN 2024. We sincerely hope that the operational, social and cultural exchanges during MILAN 2024 would be of immense professional value for all participating navies and pave way for enhanced maritime cooperation.

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